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Shopping Savings: Carol's Daughter

This holiday season, is the go-to destination for the SWEETEST deals on hair & body recipes and holiday gift sets featuring their most loved products! 

Please see below for new gift set offerings, in addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals exclusively available to you and yours at
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Carol's Daughter Holiday Body Collection Gift Sets

The NEWEST Body Collection, featuring Karite Coco Nourishing Gift Set and the Almond Cookie Gift Set, are the SWEETEST gift sets for every BODY on your list. Not only are they made with love, but their soothing and warming scents makes them the perfect gift this holiday season.

Blended with Shea Butter (known as Karité in Senegal), Coconut Oil and carefully selected ingredients, this velvety, deeply nourishing trio instantly moisturizes extra dry, parched skin. Made with love, it leaves your body silky soft with a light, decadent scent.

This set includes:
  • Karité Coco Creamy Body Wash gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes. 12 fl oz
  • Karité Coco Velvet Body Cream instantly moisturizes dry, parched skin for 24 hours. 6 oz
  • Karité Coco Intensive Hand Cream deeply nourishes rough, dry hands. 2.5 fl oz

Almond Cookie has been the most-loved aroma for well over a decade. Blended with Almond Oil and carefully selected ingredients, this softening trio nourishes dry, tired-looking skin and hands.

This set includes:
  • Almond Cookie Softening Body Wash gently cleanses as it nourishes all over. 12 fl oz
  • Almond Cookie Frappé Body Lotion softens and hydrates all over. 12 fl oz
  • Almond Cookie Nourishing Hand Cream comforts and softens hands. 2.5 oz Holiday Sales

Carol's Daughter Black Friday Specials 
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    • Black Friday EXTENDED - Up to 40% Off + Free Hair Milk Original Travel-Size LIC w/$40 (limited quantities left!)

Carol's Daughter Cyber Monday Specials 
  • Date: Mon 11/27
    • CYBER MONDAY - Up to 50% Off + Free Monoi Travel-Size LIC w/$35 + FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS TODAY ONLY!
  •  DateTue 11/28 - Sun 12/3
    • Cyber Monday EXTENDED - Up to 50% Off + Free Monoi Travel-Size LIC w/$35

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Shopping Savings: Unique Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for that unique and PERFECT gift!  We represent Bevy & Dave History Makers Puzzle Block Set and Airfree Air Purifiers.  Both companies are participating by offering exclusive ONLINE one-of-a-kind discounts for Black Friday Shoppers.   Please see below for more information on these deals:
Bevy & Dave History Makers Puzzle Block Set is happy to announce they will be participating in an ONLINE Black Friday sale and are promoting their one of a kind children's puzzle block set for only $19.99.  This deal will run from 5 am EST until Midnight! 
Airfree is happy to announce they will be participating in ONLINE Black Friday sales and are promoting the following select products:
P3000 – The Airfree P3000 pack will consist of 2 units 
Black Friday Pack Retail price for 2 UNITS is $319.00 
Original MSRP for 1 unit is $299.00 – an AMAZING SAVINGS OF $279.00 ON TWO!

Black Friday Retail: $99.00
Original MSRP: $169.00

Iris 3000
Black Friday Retail: $179.00
Original MSRP: $329.00
Black Friday Retail $199
Original MAP: $399

Caring Causes: Brem Foundation (Cancer Screening)

Even though breast cancer awareness month has passed, that doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten for another year. While many women can get mammograms free of cost even without insurance, the follow-up exams, biopsies, MRIs and more that may follow abnormal mammogram results are not free, and can be both emotionally and financially devastating.
Why not consider giving the gift of early detection this holiday season to those who may not be able to afford it, or in honor of someone who has battled breast cancer? The Brem Foundation, a non-profit maximizing women’s chances of finding an early, curable breast cancer through education, access, and physician-training, is offering an easy way to donate on the Brem Foundation website so you know exactly what your money is going.
  • $290 buys a diagnostic mammogram
  • $483 buys a core needle biopsy
  • $1,084 buys a breast MRI
A little more about the Brem Foundation:
The Brem Foundation is inspired by Dr. Brem’s mission and life story. Dr. Brem’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, and given six months to live. She lived for 43 more years. Inspired by her mother, Dr. Brem went to medical school to specialize in Radiology and Breast Imaging, and diagnosed her own breast cancer at age 37. She is still one of the leading breast-imagers in the world today. Her daughter Andrea, now CEO of the Brem Foundation, decided she would not be the third-generation to get breast cancer in her thirties, and at age 30, she had prophylactic double mastectomies.

Contest: Duck brand Stuck at Prom

The fads of prom are ever-changing – from grand ball gowns and traditional black tuxes to two-piece dresses and elaborately patterned jackets. And that’s just the fashion. These days, teens are watching online DIY make-up tutorials, rather than heading to a beauty salon; renting jewelry and accessories rather than buying; and even attending prom solo instead of as a couple.

Now in its 18th year, the Duck® brand Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest is breaking from previous traditions and embracing the ebb and flow of these trends. For the first time ever, creative makers can enter their unique promwear designs to win one of two coveted $10,000 Grand Prizes as individuals (rather than as a couple). There will be one Grand Prize winner in the Dress Category and one in the Tux Category, totaling $20,000.

“For nearly two decades, our Grand Prize winners wowed us with their craftsmanship, attention to detail and wild imaginations. They truly define what it means to be a ‘maker,’ someone who breaks the mold to create something the world has never seen before,” said Ashley Luke, category manager at ShurTech Brands, LLC, the company that markets the Duck® brand. “Now that individual entrants have a chance at the top prize, this opens the door for even more students to enter Stuck at Prom, and we’re eager to witness the next generation of designers, artists and innovators.”

Since 2001, the contest has inspired the creativity and uniqueness of students all across the U.S and Canada. Throughout the years, Stuck at Prom® judges, and the public, have awarded creative high school students with more than half a million dollars in scholarships. Students have made countless never-seen-before designs and styles from the hundreds of Duck Tape® colors and prints available, giving these makers the opportunity to showcase their talents and highlight their individuality in new and exciting ways.

Important Dates:
·        Submission Period: April 2 through June 1, 2018
·        Judges Voting Period: June 2 through June 8, 2018
·        Finalists Announced: June 14, 2018
·        Public Voting Period: June 14 through June 25, 2018
·        Grand Prize Winners Announced: July 9

Contest judges responsible for selecting the five finalists in each Category will review all submissions based equally on creativity, workmanship, originality, use of color and design, and the accessories that were created using Duck Tape®The Grand Prize Dress winner and the Grand Prize Tux winner, selected by public vote, will each receive a scholarship prize of $10,000, totaling $20,000. The remaining eight runners up will receive a $100 Duck Tape® prize pack.

For additional details on Stuck at Prom®,

Parenting Pointers: Custody Q&A

I have sole custody of my children. My ex, who lives in another state, has threatened to go to court in his state and get the custody order changed. Can he do that?
The court that will have jurisdiction over custody orders will be the one that is considered the "Home State" of the child - where the child resides.   The Home State of a child would be where the child has resided for the past 6 consecutive months.   However, if she has sole custody of her children and they have been living in the same state with her for 6 months, then her ex is not going to be able to get another court to pay attention to his claim.  
I have sole physical custody of our children. Several times my ex has not returned the kids on time after taking them for a visit, and I'm scared one day he won't return them at all. What are my rights as the custodial parent?
The issue of parents returning children late comes up a lot and it is a difficult one to deal with.   However, it sounds like the greater concern is one about the ex kidnapping the children.   I would ask this parent what other reasons she has to believe that her ex would do not return the children beyond being late at drop-off.    If she does not have objective reasons to fear that the Father will not return the children, the court will most likely not address it.   The court may address the issue of returning the children late as a violation of an agreement or court order, but it is unlikely that the court will take it very seriously without some concrete reason why the lateness leads the mother to believe the children may not be returned at all.  However, if the Father failed to return the children, as the custodial parent she could file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus to have the child returned. Then, the mother could seek to have access terminated or carried out in a supervised setting. 
I've heard that mediation is the best approach to solving child custody matters. Things are so bitter between my ex and me that it's hard to see us sitting down together to work things out. How can mediation possibly work?
Mediation is a great way to resolve conflicts when it works.  Litigation, while it is a significant part of my practice, is a terrible place to resolve conflicts - especially when you are dealing with custodial issues.  I say mediation typically works best when there is not a power imbalance in the room and everyone has a voice.   That said, just because a couple is high conflict does not automatically mean that mediation will not work.   It may mean that the sessions will be more difficult than a couple that communicates well, but it can still be done.   The goal is the same with bitter couples as well as couples that get along -- to do what is best for the children.   So, if we can remind people about that common goal, tempers may be kept in check.   Mediation is definitely worth trying and if it does not work out, then at least you gave it a shot before going to Court.
Jacqueline Newman ( ) is a New York City based divorce lawyer and experienced NY matrimonial law expert. As managing partner of a top tier 5th Avenue Manhattan law firm focused exclusively on divorce, her practice runs the gamut from prenups for high net worth people contemplating marriage to high conflict matrimonial litigation in dissolutions involving complex financial assets and difficult custody issues. A law school lecturer and New York continuing legal education instructor, Jacqueline sheds her fearsome advocate persona to teach mediation and collaborative law as alternatives to lengthy courtroom brawls.
Jacqueline Newman TV Appearances on WPIX-11:

Parenting Pointers: Success Tips from Jack Manilla

“Secrets of The Pink House” is the story of Florida businessman Jack Manilla, who lost everything because he chose to make the right decision and not follow his co-worker down the path of embezzling money from their company.

 Jack was forced to start over. He lost his homes, cars, everything material in this world.. but not his hope. Inspired by his faith, Jack transitioned into a new way of thinking and dealing with his problems, and 18 months later, became owner of a pool business, Portofino Pools, now one of the most successful in Florida.
Jack’s story will inspire those who think they might have lost it all, and will give them practical steps to help re-focus and re-tune their lives to find a better definition of “success.”

Some of those steps include:

1.    Serve Others
"Before I got into the pool business, I was all about me, myself and I. I learned the hard way that being selfish and only caring about your needs will not get you very far in life. In fact it can destroy you. Whatever your industry, whatever your business make it a top priority to truly serve your clients and industry. It may seem like you do not have the time to do so, but you do. Embed service into your life. In helping others you will be helping yourself."
2.    Have Gratitude
"The grass will always seem greener on the other side but stop and reflect on what you do have. It’s a good reminder when things get challenging and makes you thankful for loyal, good, hardworking people that support you through it all.
3.    Be Humble
"If you want to be successful, check your ego at the door. Nothing provides you with a bigger reality check than starting your own small business.  If you think too highly of yourself potential clients will get turned off and there goes an opportunity to grow your portfolio"

More information is available at 

Parenting Pointers: Foolproof Sleep Tips for Traveling this Holiday Season with a Newborn, Infant or Toddler

By Denise Stern, Founder, Let Mommy Sleep

Just last Thanksgiving, 48.7 million Americans traveled over 50 miles or more and we can expect much more of the same this year. For those traveling with a newborn, infant or toddler, we know how stressful travel can be, especially when it comes to nap schedules.

Here are few fool-proof tips as you prepare your baby for travel during the holidays:

  1. Practice at home! Many times babies are not used to sleeping in a travel bed or pack-n-play.Put baby in travel bed or pack-n-play for naptime at home in weeks leading up to the trip.
  2. Keep sleep routine as close to home as possible to help baby feel safe and secure.  If weather permits, dress baby in pajamas/sleepsack/swaddle blanket that he/she is accustomed to.  If renting a full-sized travel crib from a hotel, bring bedsheets and breathable bumper from baby’s crib at home to recreate familiar sleep environment. Sing the same bedtime songs you sing at home and read favorite books.
  3. Try to stay on baby’s time. If possible, try to keep naptimes and bedtimes as close to the same schedule as at home.  When traveling across time zones, gradually adjust baby’s bedtime. Some parents like to travel at night so baby can sleep and wake up in destination refreshed. This can lead to an exhausting first day of the trip. If you can “tag-team” with your partner by alternating napping and caring for baby during the first day, then traveling at night could be a possibility.
  4. Once at the destination, do not rely on carseats for safe sleep. While it is tempting to let a sleeping baby spend the night in a carseat or stroller, carseats can sometimes cause breathing problems in babies. Follow the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatrics and the “Back to Sleep” campaign by creating a safe sleep environment and putting baby on back for sleeping.
  5. Slow it down – You’re on Baby’s Time! Don’t expect to have a jam-packed site seeing schedule. All the new sights, sounds, and experiences are very stimulating and exciting for baby. Baby could get fussy if overstimulated and too exhausted.  Remember that sleep begets sleep. Keeping baby awake longer than his/her bodies need may work for one night or one nap, but fighting against baby’s natural rhythms leads to meltdown. While it is nice to have alone time with your partner, caring for a baby can be even more exhausting than usual when traveling. We like to remind parents to not stay up too late too!

Happy sleeping!

About Let Mommy Sleep
Let Mommy Sleep is the country's leading Baby Nurse and Postpartum Care service based in Washington DC.   Because of the company’s unparalleled dedication to customer service and the overwhelming need for qualified postpartum care, LMS continues to grow with franchise locations now in Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, South Florida and Las Vegas with more on the way. Let Mommy Sleep is a simple service; licensed nurses and caregivers are paired with brand new parents to provide nurturing overnight care to newborns, and evidence based education to families.  This postpartum care is crucial to parents' health and well-being especially in these days where families are spread out and there is little to no social support. For more information, visit their website,

Twitter: @letmommysleep
Instagram: @letmommysleep
Pinterest: @letmommysleep  

LinkedIn: in/denisestern

Amazing Apps: Yowza! eCoupons App

IoT Broadband LLC, an internet-of-things investment company, announced today the re-launch of “Yowza!!” – an eCoupon app offering hundreds of thousands of digital discounts and electronic coupons from national and local retailers.

In time for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, Yowza!! is now available for free in the iOS and Android app stores for mobile devices or Yowza!! offers up-to-date online discounts from America’s best known retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy and more. Yowza!! gives consumers immediate access to digital discounts and coupons from their favorite local retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, airlines, pet stores as well as from nationally recognized retail chains. The app also provides in-store coupon codes and offers that are redeemable within local merchant locations. In addition, Yowza!! users gain the ability to buy gift cards that can be instantly delivered via email or sent directly to friends and family members.

For retailers, Yowza!! offers the unique ability to build rewards and loyalty campaigns via the Yowza!! merchant portal. Interested merchants can send inquiries to to sign up.

Kelly’s IoT Broadband acquired Yowza!! earlier this year. Kelly has a robust background in developing commerce and technology solutions for retailers; he was previously a DISH Network executive vice president and Blockbuster president. He was responsible for direct and commercial sales, and he led DISH Network’s advertising venture with Google called “AdSense for TV” while facilitating DISH Network’s role as a launch partner in the Google TV platform. He was also responsible for DISH Network’s set-top box audience measurement platform and addressable advertising network. Prior to DISH Network, Kelly founded Kelly Broadcasting Systems (KBS) which operated satellite transmission facilities around the globe until merging into DISH Network in 2000. Kelly’s global footprint extended to licensing and distributing broadcast networks into North America that originated from Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Holland, Italy, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries.
About IoT Broadband, LLC
IoT Broadband, LLC, is a Denver-based technology and internet-of-things investment company, founded by former DISH Network Executive Vice President and Blockbuster President Michael Kelly. The company holds investments in commerce and technology solution companies including AlphaBay, LLC, (, a SaaS, Cloud and enterprise point-of-sale technology;Spindle, Inc(OTCQB: SPDL) (, a merchant and retail unified commerce solutions provider;, an enabler of video streaming services for network and content providers, and Yowza!! ( which offers eCoupons and merchant loyalty rewards programs. 

Amazing Apps: The Best Apps for the Thanksgiving Cook

Tech expert explains what must-have apps can simplify your hectic day of cooking and hosting

With Turkey Day just days away, many people are anxiously cleaning their homes and prepping their pantry for a day of cooking and hosting. Thankfully, there are many apps which can simplify your preparations, now and on the big day itself.

Tech expert and CTO of SRV Network, Inc. Karl Volkman says, “The beauty of technology is that it can turn an otherwise stressful affair into something memorable and connective. You will have more time to enjoy your family and really be present on the big day thanks to these tech finds.”

Here are Volkman’s top picks for Thanksgiving cooks and hosts everywhere:
1)      Grocery Gadget Shopping List: “With this app, you can write grocery lists, compare prices, find coupons, and share with friends and family. So if someone has a specific allergen request or a must-have ingredient for their pumpkin pie, you can be sure and have it for them. This great find will make your grocery shopping much less anxiety-ridden—and it will mean you won’t have to run to the store again for all the things you forgot!”
2)      Food Network: “This is a great app for cooks everywhere, whether you are a beginner making your first turkey or a chef who has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner for decades. The recipes are easily searchable and they also offer honest reviews that can help you tweak your dish to perfection.”
3)      Paprika Recipe Manager: “With this app, you can easily store and organize all of your recipes in the same place. You can scan or manually enter recipes, and you can make them accessible on other devices—so everyone in the family can stop asking you for Aunt Martha’s pecan pie recipe!”  
4)      Pintrest: “This one might not be immediately obvious as a holiday app pick, but it is a one-stop shop for everything a host needs to know! From ideas for centerpieces to fun craft ideas to keep the kids busy while the turkey cooks, this app is a must for anyone who wants their holiday to be as beautiful as possible.”
5) “You won’t have to worry about Turkey Day making you miss out on any Black Friday deals with this app! The deals on this app are searchable and carefully organized so whether you are looking for a Dell Inspiron or a new winter coat for your granddaughter, you can stay on top of all the best deals of the season.”

About SRV Network, Inc.
SRV Network, Inc. is Microsoft Gold Certified partner that offers a variety of IT services, including a variety of flexible service packages that meet any client requirement, from as-needed technical help to intensive, regular on-site work. They work with all technology platforms and have a broad expertise in a wide variety of technology solutions.  They specialize in Network Design and Implementation, Network Maintenance and Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Prevention and IP Telephon.

Parenting Pointers: 3 Ways Naming Babies Is Like Investing In The Stock Market

Ever wonder why sometimes it seems more and more parents unleash their imaginative urges and name their children Audio Science or Moon Unit, while at other times they settle for tried-and-true names such as Michael or Mary?
The answer may be found in the social mood of the country.
“Parents increasingly tend to give their children unusual, if not unique, names during and shortly after positive social mood trends,” says Alan Hall, a senior analyst at the Socionomics Institute ( and a contributing author to the bookSocionomic Studies of Society and Culture.
“Parents are more likely to opt for ordinary names during and shortly after negative mood trends.”
Hall says one of the best ways to measure the country’s social mood is through the ups and downs of the stock market, and so he compared more than seven decades worth of stock-market records to baby-naming records.
What he found was that a substantial rally in the stock market was matched with an increase in the percentage of children who were given less common names. When the market was down, parents retreated to more common names – much the way investors switch to safer investments during troubling times.
The average mom or dad probably isn’t consciously thinking, “The social mood is good, I’m going to get creative with my baby’s name.” More likely, Hall says, this tendency has an evolutionary basis in our desire for our offspring to survive and thrive.
Here’s what Hall’s research and other studies have found about baby naming:
  • Parents follow a herd instinct. Just as investors are influenced by what others do, so sometimes are parents when it comes to naming their children, according to one 2009 study that Hall cited in his own research. Parents who see a name gaining in popularity are more likely to choose it, just as investors are tempted by the latest hot stock.
  • Unusual names are like fads. People often plunge enthusiastically into the latest craze, whether it’s Pokémon Go, Beanie Babies or pet rocks, but lose interest quickly. Unusual names, ones that barely make it into the top 1,000 popular names of the decade, work much the same way. For example, a graph at shows that the name Qiana enjoyed a sudden, dramatic spike in popularity in 1977, peaked in 1978, but quickly plummeted back into obscurity by 1982, never to crack the top 1,000 names again.
  • Fear of the consequences of unusual names may come into play. When social mood heads in the negative direction, parents unconsciously feel that an unusual name could hurt their children’s prospects in society or even endanger them, Hall says. That’s when they stick with classics like James or Emma. “On the other hand, when the mood trends positively,” he says, “parents feel that an unusual name will help their children get noticed for their special qualities.”
“When a bear market comes,” Hall says, “expect to see celebs and the public alike turn toward more-conformist baby names in the maternity wards.”

About Alan Hall
Alan Hall is a senior analyst at the Socionomics Institute (, a think tank dedicated to using data on social mood to understand and anticipate social trends. He’s a contributing author to the book, Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture, and a staff writer for the Institute’s monthly magazine. His published social mood research has addressed topics ranging from authoritarianism to public health and from real estate to fake news—and beyond. He has lectured on socionomics in the U.S. and Europe, and he has advised senior U.S. military leaders on how social mood data can forewarn of the risk of epidemic disease.